Who am I?

My name is Alex and I'm an application security professional and writer, born and raised somewhere in Europe. With over 15 years of working experience in the IT industry and a background in software engineering, I now enjoy most fields of cybersecurity. I spend my days doing audits, red-teaming, information and network security, securing applications and the SDLC, forensics, cryptography but also writing policies and mentoring others. Once in a while I might relax by doing a capture-the-flag challenge. I started this website in 2018 as a way to gather my technical knowledge. This is were I put my time, organize what I learn, as well as my thoughts and share these things with others.



How I spend my free time


My go to subjects are psychology, finance, geopolitics, business, security, technology and AI.


Music is the art form that makes me happy everytime. I listen to music to relax, but I also dabble in producing.


A walk in the park or a hike in the mountains is a great way to relax and forget about the fast pace of the cybersecurity world.


And life philosophy

  • 1

    Team work

    Only way to build great things.

  • 2


    Never give up.

  • 3


    But always make moral decisions.


Industry certifications

  • OSCE3

    Offensive Security Certified Expert

  • OSEP

    Offensive Security Experienced Pentester

  • OSED

    Offensive Security Expert Developer

  • OSWE

    Offensive Security Web Expert

  • OSCP

    Offensive Security Certified Professional

  • AWS Security

    AWS cloud security


Reaching out

Chat with me

Hit me up with a message via the Contact page