Here are this week’s highlights in cybersecurity:

  • New crypto mining malware was discovered targeting AWS lambda. More
  • The recent Spring4Shell vulnerability was observed being exploited in the wild and deploying Mirai. More
  • Nginx released an advisory detailing mitigations for a recently disclosed vulnerability in their LDAP plugin. More
  • Android malware is able to hijack phone calls to bank customer support. More
  • Microsoft takes down domains used by the Advanced-Persistent-Threat known as Strontium or APT28. More
  • PCI DSS standard was updated to version 4.0 and it includes requirements designed to guard against Magecart style attacks. More
  • Malware tied to APT group HAFNIUM uses hidden scheduled task for persistence. More
  • DOE, CISA, FBI & NSA released a joint advisory about an Advanced-Persistent-Threat targeting SCADA systems. More
  • Attackers sit for months in government network before another attacker groups deploys ransomware. More
  • Microsoft took action against Zloader botnet which was based on the Zeus banking trojan. More

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