Here are this week’s highlights in cybersecurity:

  • FBI removed malware from infected network devices, “disrupting the GRU’s Control Over Thousands of Infected Devices Worldwide”. More
  • Darkweb market “Hydra” which allowed selling of illegal narcotics was shutdown. German authorities seized servers and $25M in Bitcoin. More
  • Turkey seeks 40000 year sentence for 21 individuals responsible for running the defunct cryptocurrency exchange Thodex. More
  • Attackers stole millions from India’s Mahesh Bank. The bank did not have a valid firewall license, didn’t use phishing protection, lacked an IDS and seemingly using a flat network architecture without VLANs, all of which made the attacker’s job easy. More
  • CISA issued an advisory regarding Spring4Shell, the latest vulnerability to hit the Java world. More More

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