Here are this week’s highlights in cybersecurity:

  • Spanish Police dismantled a cybercrime organization that created fake cryptocurrency investment sites and used them to steal over €12.3 million from 300 victims across Europe. The domain names were registered using the typo-squatting technique. More
  • While researching the KmsdBot botnet, Akamai researchers witnessed the authors accidentally crash it with a malformed command. The typo, a missing space between the C2 domain and the port, disrupted the botnet that doesn’t use a persistence mechanism. More
  • According to a joint advisory from FBI and CISA, the Cuba ransomware group raked in $60 million from over 100 victims since December 2001. More
  • The US cloud computing services provider Rackspace was hacked by a ransomware group. Several Rackspace services were impacted including ActiveSync and email. More
  • The city of Antwerp (Belgium) is working to restore online services that were disrupted by a cyberattack. The hack affected services used by citizens, schools, daycare centers, and the police. More
  • A scam group called CryptosLabs, stole $505 million since 2018 in “pig-butchering” scams. The scam involved creating websites that impersonated over 40 well-known European fin-tech companies, cryptocurrency and NFT investments, asset management, and banking services. More

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