Here are this week’s highlights in cybersecurity:

  • Ukraine’s police and Europol have arrested key members of an international investment fraud ring estimated to have caused losses of over €200 million per year in an operation spread across multiple European countries. More
  • A joint operation of the Spanish police together with Europol resulted in the dismantlement of a network of pirated streaming sites that distributed content from 2,600 TV channels and along with tens of thousands of movies and series to 500,000 users. The network had yearly profits of 3 million euros. More
  • US DoJ & FBI charged two Russian suspects with operating the Z-Library e-book site. 249 clear-net domains were seized, however the TOR version is still online. The site hosted over 11 million books in its 220 TB database. More
  • The FBI said that the Hive ransomware group has extorted roughly $100 million from over 1,300 companies since June 2021. More
  • “Tank”, a cybercrime leader of the JabberZeus crew was arrested in Geneva. The operation stole upward of $70 million, according to U.S. prosecutors. More

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