Here are this week’s highlights in cybersecurity:

  • Europol made 31 arrests in relation to stealing cars by hacking keyless tech. The targets were keyless vehicles made by two French car manufacturers. The crooks used a tool to replace the original software of the vehicles and bypassing protections. More than 1 million euros, real estate and luxury cars were seized. More
  • Police tricked DeadBolt ransomware out of 155 decryption keys by sending and immediately canceling transactions. This was possible because the hackers automatically sent the decryption keys after just 1 transaction confirmation. More
  • Researchers discovered intrusions attributed to APT41, a China-linked actor, that breached government agencies in Hong Kong and remained undetected for a year. The purpose of the breach seems to be espionage. More
  • Videos from Defcon 30 security conference are now on youtube. More
  • Microsoft said some of its customers’ sensitive information was exposed by a misconfigured Microsoft server accessible over the Internet. The company that found the leak created a search engine called BlueBleed which shows if a domain was affected. More
  • Texas attorney general sued Google for collecting and using biometric data belonging to millions of Texans without consent and is seeking $25,000 in civil penalties per violation. More

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