Here are this week’s highlights in cybersecurity:

  • UK Police arrested 17-year-old believed to be behind Uber and Rockstar hacks. More
  • A previously unknown APT dubbed as ‘Metador’ has been hacking telcos, ISPs, and universities for two years. Their goals appear to be long-term persistence for espionage using a variety of custom malware. More
  • Ransomware exfiltration tool might show a change in tactics switching from encryption to data corruption. Thus the exfiltrated data becomes the only way of recovery, while eliminating the need for complex ransomware software. More
  • Hackers are sharing the Brute Ratel C4 post-exploitation kit online on various forums. Some threat actors have switched to it, as Cobalt Strike is detected by more and more antivirus & EDRs. More
  • Prilex, a Brazilian point-of-sale malware, was recently upgraded to execute EMV transactions. The malware can intercept a transaction, modify its content, capture the card information and request new EMV cryptograms to the victim’s card. More
  • The North Korean hacking group ‘Lazarus’ is deploying a Windows rootkit by abusing a vulnerable Dell hardware driver in a Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver attack. More

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