Here are this week’s highlights in cybersecurity:

  • Makers of the GTA series, Rockstar Games, were hacked. Videos from an unfinished version of GTA 6 were leaked online. Source code was stolen, but not yet leaked as the attacker is looking to sell it. More
  • Wintermute, a crypto market maker was hacked for $160 million. Root cause seems to be the use of a buggy vanity address generator for their wallet. Bug was disclosed by 1nch a few days ago. More
  • LockBit ransomware builder was leaked online by a rogue developer. Code allows anyone to launch their own operation, including the encryptor and decryptor. More
  • A FBI investigation indicates Iranian state cyber actors acquired initial access to the Albania’s government network approximately 14 months before launching the ransomware-style file encryptor and disk wiping malware. In this time, they exfiltrated email content. More
  • A security researcher created the first PNG hashquine that displays its own MD5 hash. The concept was first demonstrated in 2017 by Google engineers with GIFs. More
  • A massive operation that siphoned millions of USD from credit cards since its launch in 2019 is considered responsible for losses for tens of thousands of victims. The operators run an extensive network of bogus dating and customer support websites and use them to charge credit cards bought on the dark web. More

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