Here are this week’s highlights in cybersecurity:

  • The threat actor behind the Twilio hack used their access to steal one-time passwords delivered over SMS from customers of Okta, an identity management company. The hack also let hackers gain access to Authy 2FA accounts. More
  • Five Chrome extensions with over 1.4 million installs inject affiliate cookies and steal browsing data. The extensions waited 15 days before performing malicious activities to bypass automated analysis. More
  • APT40, a China based threat actors has been targeting Australian government agencies and wind turbine fleets in the South China Sea by directing select individuals to a phishing website impersonating an Australian news media outlet. More
  • Russian streaming platform START confirmed a data breach that impacted 7.5 millions of its users. According to the company, attackers obtained email addresses, phone numbers, and usernames. However, leaked samples also contain hashed passwords, IP addresses, login logs, and subscription details. More
  • Researchers identified over 1,800 publicly available apps iOS applications containing hard-coded AWS credentials. Over three-quarters (77%) of the apps contained valid AWS access tokens allowing access to private AWS cloud services.Half (47%) of those apps contained valid AWS tokens that also gave full access to numerous, often millions, of private files via the Amazon S3. More
  • Hackers that breached Neopets had access to its systems for 18 months. The incident exposed personal information of more than 69 million members. More
  • Chile’s CSIRT has announced that a ransomware attack has impacted operations of a government agency in the country. ESXi servers were affected as the hackers stopped all virtual machines and encrypted their files. More
  • Montenegro’s infrastructure is under cyber attack. Ransomware and denial-of-service attacks targeting water supply systems, transportation services and online government services, among many others. More

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