Here are this week’s highlights in cybersecurity:

  • A 24-year-old Australian was charged for creating and selling spyware that was used by domestic violence perpetrators and child sex offenders. He created the RAT when he was 15, in addition to working as its administrator  from 2013 until its shutdown in 2019 by the authorities. His mother was charged for dealing with the proceeds of crime. More
  • A gigantic network infrastructure was uncovered which contained over 10,000 websites that promote fake investment scams. The goal is to trick users into an opportunity for high-return investments and convince them to deposit a minimum amount of 250 EUR to sign up. More
  • SIKE, a late-stage candidate encryption algorithm that was meant to withstand decryption by future quantum computers has been trivially cracked by using a single core of an Intel Xeon CPU in an hour. More
  • The Ukrainian cyber police (SSU) shut down a massive bot farm of 1 million bots used to spread disinformation on social media. The threat actors used 5000 SIM cards to register new social media accounts and 200 proxy servers to spoof their IPs to evade blocking. More

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