Here are this week’s highlights in cybersecurity:

  • Nimbuspwn, a set of vulnerabilities in Linux’s networkd-dispatcher allow an attacker to escalate privileges to root. More
  • A remote code execution was discovered by Checkpoint in Qualcomm & MediaTek chipsets that handle music decoding for Apple lossless format. More
  • Cryptographic blunder in Java, tracked as CVE-2022-21449 allows attackers to forge ECDSA signatures. More
  • According to KrebsonSecurity, leaked Lapsus chats show they stole T-Mobile source code. More
  • LemonDuck group targets Docker for cryptomining attacks. More
  • Bitdefender released a white-paper on a payload delivered by RIG Exploit Kit. The RedLine Stealer Trojan captured in January uses 6 layers of encryption to hinder analysis and aims to steal information stored in browsers (password, credit cards, cookies), cryptocurrency wallets, Discord, Telegram, Steam logins & more. More
  • A report shows Quantum ransomware gang go from initial access to domain wide encryption in under 4 hours. More

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